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VT Google Apps Mail

Virginia Tech has partnered with Google to offer email and collaboration services through the Google Apps for Education program.   All current Virginia Tech students, staff, faculty, and alumni are provided with a Virginia Tech email address. During your time at Virginia Tech, your email address will become your primary source of communication between classmates, professors, colleagues, family, and friends.

Your email account is named according to your PID, and, where ABC is replaced by your own PID, is a valid email address. Your VT Google Apps Mail email account remains active if you are:

  • A current employee
  • An enrolled student
  • A newly admitted student
  • A student who has registered for a future term
  • A student who has been enrolled during the past year
  • A retiree of Virginia Tech
  • An alumnus of Virginia Tech
  • An individual with an active sponsored relationship with the university

If you have none of these relationships with the university, your account will be closed. Please make arrangements ahead of time to advise friends and colleagues of an alternate email address, retrieve your personal correspondence, and direct any university records or business correspondence to the appropriate supervisor. 

Access Your VT Google Apps Mail Account

Google provides a Web-based interface for accessing your email account at the VT Google Apps Portal. This Web-based interface is a great choice for people who need to check their VT Google Apps Mail account when away from their home computer.

If you want to configure a client to access your email account, Google provides documentation on configuring many clients, including Mail for Mac OS, Outlook, Thunderbird, and Windows Mail. You may also configure many mobile devices to access your VT Google Apps Mail account, including Android and iPhone devices. To configure a client to access your Google email account, see Configuring a Client (Outlook, Mail, Android, iOs (iPhone / iPad) to Access VT Google Apps Mail.

Manage Your VT Google Apps Mail Account Settings

Create up to three additional aliases for your account under the Personal Info tab in My VT. To forward email from your VT Google Apps Mail account, follow the instructions at Automatically forward emails to another account.

Data Storage Compliance

The Virginia Tech version of Google Apps has been approved to store student information owned or used by Virginia Tech and therefore it may be used to store appropriately secured information covered by FERPA.

Note: only the VT version of Google Apps is approved, not the consumer version of Google Apps.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Student data protected by FERPA is permitted in the Virginia Tech Google Apps portal. It is subject to access by school officials who have a legitimate educational interest as well as by other identified officials, as defined and identified by the university’s FERPA privacy regulation.

To the extent that Google has access to student educational records as a contractor for the university, it is deemed a “school official,” as defined by FERPA, under the Virginia Tech Google Apps agreement and will comply with its obligations under FERPA. Personally identifiable student data should never be made publicly accessible without the student’s signed, written consent.

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