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VT Google Apps

Virginia Tech has paired with Google to offer VT Google Apps, a suite of email and collaboration services, through the Google Apps for Education program. The goals of this collaborative arrangement are to provide a powerful, Web-based environment that will support the university's community in teaching, learning, and discovery; to improve collaboration among faculty, students, staff, and colleagues around the world; and to reduce operational costs. Please note that the services offered are not the Google commercial versions; the VT Google Apps suite consists of separate enterprise services licensed from Google and protected by privacy policies negotiated by the commonwealth. To access VT Google Apps, log on to the VT Google Apps Portal.

VT Google Apps Services

The core suite of Google Apps for Education offers a wide variety of tools to improve collaboration.

  • Mail: Send, receive, and search through email while enjoying 25 GB of storage space. For more information, see VT Google Apps Mail.
  • Calendar: Organize your schedule and share it with others.
  • Drive: Utilize multi-user, concurrent editing of web-based documents, spreadsheets, drawings, and presentations.
  • Sites: Build and publish private or public Web sites using either a WYSIWYG editor or HTML.
  • Contacts: Quickly and easily add contacts.
  • Talk: Send instant messages and make calls.
  • Hangouts: Connect with others across PC, Mac, and mobile devices with text, audio, and video.
  • Classroom: Create, complete, send and grade assignments while staying organized.

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