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VT Alerts Email Phishing Scam

From: Office of Emergency Management -- VT Alerts Phishing Scam 

There are reports of a phishing scam involving VT Alerts. Some members of the Virginia Tech community have received emails purporting to be VT Alerts messages that ask individuals to verify personal accounts through an embedded hyperlink within the email text.

Virginia Tech will never request your PID and password via email. No matter how eloquent, realistic, or grammatically correct a note appears to be, if your password or other personal information is requested, it is fake. Do not respond to any email messages requesting your Virginia Tech PID and password. Anyone who requests this information intends to use it in a malicious manner.

The Virginia Tech Emergency Notification System, known as VT Alerts, will only send emails regarding current campus emergencies and information specific to necessary protective actions during an emergency.

Visit the VT Alerts website for more information on the program or contact IT Customer Support at 540-231-4357 for help with VT Alerts.

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