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VNX 5700 storage system

On Sunday June 22 there are TWO maintenance windows scheduled:

5AM-8AM:  bypass on B UPS

9AM-1PM:  VNX 5700

See details below:  

From 9am to 1pm maintenance will be performed on the VNX 5700 storage system. It is anticipated services will not be affected by this maintenance, however if you experience issues with the services that depend on the VNX5700, please contact 4help.

The following services depend on the VNX5700:

* Banner production database

*  Banner applications:

        o       Internet Native Banner

        o       Self-Service Banner (aka Hokiespa)

        o       Banner Workflow

        o       Travel & Expense

        o       Effort Reporting

*  TLOS, or "Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies".

        o       FDI Registration

        o       SPOT Survey

*  Timeclock Plus

*  Data Warehouse

*  Jira, Confluence, JasperSoft

*  MyVT

*  Account Manager

*  WebHosting

*  VT Office Communications Server

*  VT Windows Software Update Service/VTWSUS

*  Network Backup Service including TSM and NetWorker


*  Remedy

Data Center maintenance has scheduled a bypass on the "B" UPS for Sunday morning, June 22nd, from 5AM-8AM.  This bypass is required for connection of all new batteries to the UPS.

It is anticipated that services will NOT be affected by this maintenance, however if you experience issues with the following services during the maintenance period, please contact 4help.

Services served by the "B" UPS:

*  SMT  IBM GPFS nodes

*  ARC   BlueRidge

*  ARC   Athena/DEQ

*  ARC   Ithaca/iDataPlex

*  ARC   Hess


*  NI&S PlanetLab

*  SMT  SGI Research Storage

*  VBI                    Pecos (and supporting systems)

*  VBI                    Cabinet

*  VBI                    SGI Storage (in cab w/Mobybits)

*  Chemistry       Research cluster (Cerebro)

*  Chemistry       Research cluster (Eldorado)

*  Physics             Research cluster

*  CS                      ATAACK cluster

*  VTTI  GreenPlum

*  VTTI  Cabinet

*  VTTI  Scientific Data Warehouse

*  ESM  Research Cluster (LCC)

*  ARC   HokieSpeed

*  ARC   HokieOne


*  ARC   Isilon storage and Hypervisors

*  Library              Catalog servers

*  UAS   BladeCenter 1

*  UAS   Cabinet

*  UAS   R515

*  UAS   Zabbix/Monitor

*  OVPR                Cabinet

*  SMT  VNX (Camera)

*  SMT  NetApp

*  SMT  P520

*  CNS   MLXes

*  CNS   Cabinet

*  CNS   Border 6509

*  MSIS Cabinet(s)

*  TLOS Cabinet

*  Library              Cabinet

*  ARC   Isilon Storage

Please contact 4Help at or call 540-231-4357, with questions.

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