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Virtual Private Network

Communications Network Services (CNS) offers Virtual Private Network (VPN) remote access as a bundled service with the Virginia Tech Wireless Network Service. To be eligible for the VPN service, you must be subscribed to this service. VPN provides you with an IP address as if you are on-campus, providing access to campus services that are restricted from off-campus. VPN also provides some encryption, and it can be used as an alternate means to log on to the campus Wireless LAN.

Configuration Instructions

Once you have subscribed to the wireless service, select the link appropriate for your operating system from the links listed below.

Before you can use the VPN service, you must set up a network password by referring to Creating or Changing Your Network Password.

Using Outlook at Home (Faculty/Staff Only)

When off campus, a VPN connection is no longer required to use Outlook to connect to the Exchange server. Instead, you must configure the Outlook Anywhere feature of Outlook for Windows to connect to the Exchange server when away from the office. To configure Outlook Anywhere, follow the instructions at Configuring Outlook Anywhere for Exchange in Outlook 2007 or Configuring Outlook Anywhere for Exchange in Outlook 2010/2013.


For VPN support, contact 4Help using the Help Request Form or by calling (540) 231-HELP (4357).

Note: If you are a student experiencing difficulty while attempting to use VPN to download software from the ITA download server Student Software Web site from off-campus, we can provide you with assistance when you arrive on campus. 

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