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Sharing Versus Delegating Email, Calendar, or Folder Access in Outlook

4Help strongly recommends sharing specific email or calendar folders instead of delegating access to your entire Exchange or VT Google Apps account. The terms sharing and delegating are often incorrectly used interchangeably; however, delegating access automatically gives the delegate permission to view every calendar, contact, and email item in your account and allows the delegate to send email and schedule meetings in the name of the owner.

If you delegate access to another user, they will be able to see every email and calendar invite that is received by and sent from your account, among other things. This is not ideal because confidential and / or secure information (password reset requests, payroll information, travel plans, communications assumed to be private) could be seen.

For this reason, 4Help recommends sharing specific folders within your email, calendar, or contacts with specific person(s). By sharing, you can specify and control which parts and which types of items can be viewed. More importantly, when you share a folder, you can limit or completely block each person's ability to create, edit, modify, or send items in your name. For more information on the different permission levels and settings available, click here to search Google.

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