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netapp outage

Installation of additional storage capacity (disk shelves) for the NetApp (NAS) system will take place this Sunday, November 3, 2013, beginning at 8am and should be completed by 10am. The NetApp storage system supports a wide variety of IT services (list below), though the maintenance is not expected to impact them.

Any NetApp/NAS/ issues encountered after 10 a.m., November 3rd, should be reported to the Virginia Tech Operations Center by calling 540-231-6780.

NetApp supported services:

   •         Exchange    

  •          Mystore and Mystore2

  •         Departmental shares on the NAS

  •         VT Confluence

  •         JIRA

  •         Banner Document Management System/Application Xtender


Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies

  •         Scholar

  •         FDI Registration

  •         SPOT Survey

  •         iTunesU


Ensemble Content Management System-Publishing only


Web Hosting

  •         All hosted websites

  •         MySQL Databases associated with hosted websites

  •         VT Calendar (

  •         VT Survey (


Filebox - All fileboxes

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