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Hokies ID

Your Hokies ID is a unique ID for current faculty and staff that resides on the central Virginia Tech Windows servers. Your assigned ID belongs to you and you only. This ID and password serve to grant you access to the primary systems: shared computer resources such as file and printer shares, your Exchange email account, and Office 365 services.

Your ID may also grant other local access, depending on systems implemented on your network. It is important to keep in mind that not all Windows systems are in the same trusted relationship tree as the primary servers, thus you may need localized department IDs for some logons across systems. If you are unsure about a system, contact the administrator in your department.

Getting a Hokies ID

Faculty and staff currently affiliated with Virginia Tech may create a Hokies ID by following the instructions at Getting or Creating a Hokies Account.

Sponsored Accounts

Sponsored Hokies accounts are generally for visiting faculty, student workers, and others who are temporarily affiliated with the University. To request a sponsored Hokies account, ask your Hokies Organizational Unit (OU) Administrator or your dean, director, or department head to submit the following information to 4Help using 4Help Self Service:

  • The type of sponsored account requested: Hokies, Full-Exchange, or Calendar-Only. For information about sponsored Full-Exchange and Calendar-Only accounts, see Sponsored Accounts on the Exchange Account Types page.
  • The name and PID of the person needing the account

Hokies ID Passwords

Every Hokies ID has a password associated with it. Your password ensures that no one other than you accesses the network using your ID. Because your Hokies ID identifies you when you use the network, you should take care not to allow anyone else to know your password.

Choose a Strong Password

For tips on creating a new password, see Password Rules and Tips at Virginia Tech.

Change Your Hokies ID Password Often

It is recommended that you change your Hokies ID password often to increase the security of your account. For instructions, see Change Hokies ID Password.

Important: After you change your Hokies ID password, remember to enter the new password into any desktop email client or mobile client that accesses your Exchange account.

Hokies ID Rules

Read and follow the rules and guidelines detailed in the Acceptable Use of Information Systems at Virginia Tech. Most of these rules are common sense and they are taken seriously by the people in charge of the Virginia Tech network. Penalties for abuse of the rules laid down in the policy can run from warnings to expulsion from Virginia Tech, depending on the severity of the offense. Some examples of violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Degrading the network performance (such as sending out 10,000 email messages or starting a chain letter)
  • Using email to harass or threaten another person
  • Selling access to your ID or network services
  • Trying to break into other people's accounts or steal their passwords

Using Your Hokies ID

Some things to keep in mind as you use your Hokies ID:

  • The ID itself is case insensitive: "HoKieS" is the same as "hokies".
  • The password is case sensitive: "HoKieS is NOT the same as "hokies".
  • Your Hokies password is only valid in the Hokies domain.

Some of the systems you will use your Hokies ID for include:

Further Assistance

If you need assistance, contact 4Help by using 4Help Self Service.

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