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VT Exchange Rolling CU Patch Update Starting on Saturday July 11th, the VT Exchange environment will be upgraded from Exchange 2013 Cumulative Update (CU) 6 to Cumulative Update 9.  These updates will be staggered from server to server to minimize user impact. 

The first servers to receive the CU update will be the load-balanced front end servers.  On July 11th at 5am, CU9 will be applied to server TESLA.  On July 18th the same update will be applied to MORSE.

Once the front end VT Exchange servers are upgraded, the back end mailbox servers will start their own rolling upgrades.  Starting on July 20th users will be migrated off of the BELL back end database server spread across the other 4 back end servers.  Once all users are migrated off of BELL, CU9 will applied.  Once BELL is completed then all users from MARCONI will be migrated off to the other servers and MARCONI upgraded to CU9.  And so forth with GUTENBERG, BRAILLE, and PASCAL.  Server-to-server migrations between Exchange 2013 servers is completely transparent to end-users, and the CU9 upgrades will be performed on mailboxes servers lacking any mailboxes so that process will be likewise transparent.  The mailbox servers rolling upgrades will start on July 20th and continue until completed, depending on server-to-server mailbox migration speeds.

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